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New v5 ATOM adds Android Microphone

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September 5, 2017 – Mesa, AZ

Crowd Mics is changing interaction in meetings and events by turning phones into microphones. And to date those microphones have all been iPhones. Today the company announced a massive update to their hardware interface, the ATOM. The new v5 ATOM not only improves microphone performance for iOS devices but now for the first time, Android phones can become microphones. This announcement comes in the wake of a 2nd place win at the Innovation Showcase at Infocomm 2017.

“If there is one capability our customers and prospects have consistently asked for, it is to turn on the microphone for Android” comments Tim Holladay, CEO and co-founder of Crowd Mics. “This new ATOM not only enables the Android microphone but also laptops and other devices.” The hardware also includes an HDMI output for video display, wireless networking, and 4x the processing power of the previous ATOM.

The v5 ATOM is included with all enterprise licenses. Pre-order starts today and the new ATOMs will ship by December 1, 2017 with early units going out in October 2017. Learn more here or contact Crowd Mics at

Arizona State University Pilots Crowd Mics

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August 3, 2017 – Tempe, AZ – Arizona State University is teaming up with Crowd Mics to pilot the latest in education technology. Imagine this, you are a student seated in the back row of a 300 seat lecture hall for your undergraduate Chemistry class. The professor asks if anyone has questions and a student in row 2 raises her hand. You see she is talking but there is no way you will be able hear the question. This scene is repeated hundreds of times per day at ASU and universities around the world. Learning happens when students participate with professors, but the rooms themselves make it difficult to interact.

Enter Crowd Mics, the app that turns phones into wireless microphones. The students download the app, request to talk and when chosen by the professor, can talk into their phone as if they were handed a microphone. Crowd Mics also allows the students to type their questions or answer live polls. Student interaction leads to less distraction and higher quality learning.

ASU will be piloting the Crowd Mics platform in a number of lecture halls and event spaces this fall. “We are excited about the potential to accelerate learning in our classrooms with this technology” comments Jane Legacy, Clinical Professor specializing in classroom technology. ASU is one of the largest universities in the country and named Most Innovative by US News & World rankings. “Working with ASU has been a top priority for us from day one” says Tim Holladay, CEO and co-founder of Crowd Mics. “The combination of an innovative culture and massive scale make it a great pilot for Crowd Mics and for all higher education. Many universities and companies are anxious to see how Crowd Mics enhances the learning process using phones and systems that already exist in the room.”

The pilot begins with the Fall 2017 semester at ASU’s main campus in Tempe, Arizona.

Discover how Crowd Mics can power learning at your university, company or event.

See Demo

Best New Product Technology – Infocomm Innovation Showcase

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June 16, 2017 – Orland, FL

Crowd Mics was named Best New Product Technology – 2nd Place – in the Innovation Showcase at Infocomm 2017. “We are honored with this award and appreciate the support and enthusiasm of Infocomm attendees.” commented Tim Holladay, CEO and co-founder of Crowd Mics. Infocomm is the pro audio-visual industry’s marquis event and this year didn’t disappoint with record breaking attendance. Crowd Mics turns phones into microphones and that resonated with the industry. “@crowdmics by far one of coolest products I have seen in awhile. Great job!” tweeted Tommer Catlin‏ @theetommer, a sentiment that was shared by all who stopped by the booth for a demo.

Crowd Mics powers audience interaction with text commenting, live polling, and phones become wireless microphones for Q&A sessions in lecture halls, corporate meetings, and live events. Contact for more information. See the Infocomm video below published by rAVe Publications.

Crowd Mics Platform – Deep Dive Video

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This new Crowd Mics video is a deep dive into the entire platform. It’s as if you are on a live web demo with Tim Holladay, the co-founder. You’ll see every aspect of Crowd Mics from both the moderator and attendee perspectives. After watching, feel free to contact us at to discuss further.

Fear of Public Speaking > Fear of Death

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Number two fear is death! Death is number two?!

Gotta love Jerry Seinfeld. For most people (more than 75%) the fear of public speaking is very real. It’s at least enough to discourage them from raising a hand, waiting for someone to run them a microphone, stand up, and ask a question in front of 200 of their peers. This is the scene for millions of meetings, conferences and school lecture halls.

We’re Crowd Mics so we’re all about mics! With our platform participants download and app and can use their phone as a microphone and this makes Q&A so much less intense and more convenient. But we don’t just sell the microphone of the future (we do though), we sell audience interaction. We’ve found that the 75% of the audience who won’t use the mic are loving our text commenting feature. They send a brief comment to the moderator who can then review it and address it. Participants can also answer anonymous polls. It’s about audience interaction, not about running a microphone or emailing questions during a session.

Crowd Mics Online gives you all of the text commenting and live polling features but with no app to download and no WiFi requirements. Try it at your next meeting, event or lecture.