Conference Call

Poor audio is unacceptable. Bring your own microphone.

Give everyone on the call a chance to be heard

In 2017 why is audio still a problem for conference calls and video calls? The issue is simply distance between the microphones and the participants. Often microphones are in the center of the table, in the ceiling or they are being run around the room. Crowd Mics turns every phone into microphone.


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Created to solve mic problems in large rooms

Conference calls are critical to most organizations and our platform was built to support interaction using the phones of the participants.


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Participant phones become microphones for the conference call. The ATOM device interfaces with your network and sound system. 


Simple mobile interface to manage and join a session. Add text commenting and anonymous polling for full interaction.

Remote Attendees

Allow remote participants to participate in text commenting and live polling from anywhere in the world. 

We introduced Crowd Mics this year, and the impression on attendees was immediate. We anticipate a very positive shift in the audience engagement next year.

Jason JudyInternational Association of the venue managers

Crowd Mics was amazing at our event! It definitely left her audience in all after seeing the first person use the app.

Alfonso FernandezTHiNK Conference

The audience really embraced it. Crowd Mics has enabled a lot more participation from our members.

Dr. Kevin WelchAmerican Rhinologic Society

Crowd Mics brought a new level of participation to our conference.

Carrie SamsonUS Chamber of Commerce foundation

Finally…we can hear you

No more poor audio for your conference calls.