Questions from Presenters

AKA presenters, moderators, professors…it’s the person controlling the Crowd Mics interaction.

How do I control a Crowd Mics session?

The Crowd Mics app for iPad or iPhone is your control device. With the moderator app you can control who has the mic, address text comments and serve up live polls. The Crowd Mics moderator control will run on computers in the future.

How does pricing work?

We offer annual licenses for individual rooms and can scale up to enterprise deployments. The ATOM hardware is always included with an annual license. Crowd Mics offers education and non-profit discounts. You can also purchase a license for an event. Check out the pricing page.

Does the microphone sound good?

No, it sounds awesome! Here is an example from a meeting. We use the full capability of the phone’s microphone and our audio engine preserves the quality.

What are the requirements for participants?

Participants start by going to crowdmics.online and enter the event code. When the microphone is used, iOS users will be prompted to download a small app. Those using the microphone need to join the local WiFi network. The Crowd Mics microphone text and polling is available for iOS, Android, and can now run on many laptops.

How do I export the data after an event?

You can either export directly to the moderator device or access post-event analytics with Crowd Mics Online.

Questions from Users

Users = Audience = People with Questions = Everyone

How do I join an event?

If you were given an event code you simply type that in where prompted. If you are using the microphone feature you must be connected to the WiFi network in the room. Joining a Crowd Mics Online session will be a link like crowdmics.online/meeting

Do I have to download the app?

Only iOS users download the app to use the microphone. Text commenting and live polling are available on the app and Crowd Mics Online.

Compatible devices

All iOS devices running iOS 9+. This includes iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Android devices must use the Chrome browser (no app download required). Laptops and other tablets use the Chrome browser to participate.

Questions from Tech Pros

Audio visual integrators, IT professionals, AV event crew

What are the technical requirements for Crowd Mics?

The ATOM connects to the DSP or mixer in the room. The ATOM is a line level output. With adapters it can be a 3.5mm or XLR output.

Can Crowd Mics run on a private network?

Yes, Crowd Mics can be configured to run on a the corporate or university network or a stand alone private network can be established. The ATOM does not produce a WiFi signal but instead uses the rooms existing WiFi network.

Does the ATOM have built in echo cancellation and feedback control?

Yes, the ATOM has some AEC built in. The DSP in the room should treat Crowd Mics as any other microphone and often helps suppress feedback.

What is the latency?

Crowd Mics has a very low latency high quality audio engine. Android devices are achieving 110ms from mouth to speaker with some devices reaching into the 60ms range. iOS devices will clock under 55ms. We’ve found the average participant noticed the “echo” at about 150ms, it becomes a problem at 250s and anything past 300ms is nearly impossible to talk through. At 55-110ms, it’s a practical microphone.

What are the networking and bandwidth requirements for Crowd Mics?

The ATOM also connects to the wired or wireless network. A few internal ports must be open for the ATOM to operate on the internal network. We will send you detailed documentation.