Fear of Public Speaking > Fear of Death

By April 5, 2017Business

Number two fear is death! Death is number two?!

Gotta love Jerry Seinfeld. For most people (more than 75%) the fear of public speaking is very real. It’s at least enough to discourage them from raising a hand, waiting for someone to run them a microphone, stand up, and ask a question in front of 200 of their peers. This is the scene for millions of meetings, conferences and school lecture halls.

We’re Crowd Mics so we’re all about mics! With our platform participants download and app and can use their phone as a microphone and this makes Q&A so much less intense and more convenient. But we don’t just sell the microphone of the future (we do though), we sell audience interaction. We’ve found that the 75% of the audience who won’t use the mic are loving our text commenting feature. They send a brief comment to the moderator who can then review it and address it. Participants can also answer anonymous polls. It’s about audience interaction, not about running a microphone or emailing questions during a session.

Crowd Mics Online gives you all of the text commenting and live polling features but with no app to download and no WiFi requirements. Try it at your next meeting, event or lecture.

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