Thank you for everything!

Crowd Mics set out 4 years ago on a mission to “give the audience a voice” by allowing people to use their phones as wireless microphones. And we did it! In very controlled environments, attendees could download an app, join a WiFi network, talk into their phones, and be heard over the sound system. We traveled the world working with top companies from all industries. Universities wanted to implement Crowd Mics in the classroom. Even a new couple used their phones as microphones to give their wedding vows!

Even after making significant technical progress, we were not unable to build a product which would “just work” in most of the use cases where Crowd Mics could add value. The technical challenge was, and is, significant. The need for ultra low latency (ultra fast) audio, the inconsistencies of wireless networks, and the diversity of the phones themselves made Crowd Mics very hard to implement with the required reliability. Although it seemed everyone was excited to give Crowd Mics a try, we simply couldn’t build enough revenue to sustain a business.

We sincerely thank our customers, partners, supporters, investors, and our team. Many remarkable people worked very hard with us and for that we are forever grateful. Although we were early to market with our tech, we are convinced that somehow, someday, your phone will be a microphone!

Our very best wishes,

Tim Holladay – Co-Founder (
Sean Holladay – Co-Founder (