Phones become microphones with one box, the New ATOM

The new v5 ATOM is in limited supply. Get it now. I'm Interested

Phones are now microphones for iOS and Android!

The New ATOM expands Crowd Mics compatibility by enabling the microphone for iOS and Android devices. For the first time ever the entire audience has a voice. The ATOM interfaces with the sound system, video system, and the wireless network. This hardware is included with your software subscription. And yes, the new ATOM runs on a specialized Mac Mini.

ATOM Key Features

The ATOM hardware comes with the purchase of an annual Crowd Mics license. Software and hardware updates are included. Future proof = yes. Here are a few key features.
  • Both iOS and Android phones can now become microphones
  • Many laptops can use their microphone as well
  • Built in HDMI video output for display of selected text comments and live polls
  • Line level audio output
  • Wired and Wireless connection for simple network setup
  • Only one ATOM needed per room, regardless of size

How The ATOM Works


The ATOM plugs into the network, sound system and video system.


Network configuration is simple and requires no changes in some cases.


The moderator app syncs to the ATOM, controls who speaks, manages text comments and sends live polls.


The high quality, low latency audio engine runs great on the new ATOM.