Give The Audience A Voice.

Mic. Text. Poll


Finally…complete audience interaction.

Give your audience a voice with polling, text, and the only live microphone app!

Voice Commenting

Turn phones into wireless microphones. No more running mics around the room! Let the audience talk into their own phones.

Text Commenting

Power Q&A sessions with text comments curated by the moderator. Everyone can and will text.

Live Polling

Get a pulse on the crowd with a live polling system. Single use apps only give part of the picture. Blow them away with polls, text and the mic!

Meet The ATOM

Add the ATOM to your AV system and transform phones into wireless microphones.

atom_front_1 trans_shadow


AV System Integration

How do you install hundreds of wireless mics in your room? You don’t! Let the audience bring the mics, you just install the ATOM!


High Performance Audio

The ATOM is a device dedicated to Crowd Mics audio. Enjoy the lowest latency and clearest audio available.


Moderator is untethered

The fact that you plug the ATOM into the sound system instead of the moderators mobile device means they can now be anywhere in the room.


Simple network configuration 

With little or no network configuration, the ATOM bridges the gap between mobile devices and the PA system via the wired and wireless network.

Crowd Mics for Event Professionals

We make it simple to use the best audience engagement technology.

A Look Inside The App

The magic of Crowd Mics is in the simplicity…oh yeah, and the game-changing technology!



Simple Pricing

It’s the only wireless mic app, a powerful text commenting system, and a live polling system. Why isn’t it 3x the price?

Crowd Mics brought a new level of participation to our conference

Carrie Samson
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

We introduced Crowd Mics this year, and the impression on attendees was immediate. We anticipate a very positive shift in audience engagement next year.

Jason Judy
International Association of Venue Managers

Crowd Mics was amazing at our event! It definitely left our audience in awe after seeing the first person use the app.

Alfonso Fernandez
THiNK Conferenceence

The audience really embraced it. Crowd Mics has enabled a lot more participation from our members.

Dr. Kevin Welch
American Rhinologic Society

The ultimate in audience interaction

Crowd Mics is changing the way meetings and events work.

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Giving the audience a voice by turning their phones into wireless microphones for live events. Text commenting and live polling also boost audience interaction.
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